Among the many customizations available for our phones, boot animations usually don’t rank very high seeing as you only see them when your phone is powering up. Usually these are ways for developers to incorporate a logo or icon for their ROMs, although there is a selection of custom ones available that various users have designed. In this case we have a mix of the two. XDA member adam2010 has designed his own CyanogenMod 7 boot animation, and best of all it’s in landscape format giving you an eye-full of shiny CM7 wonderment.

It’s time to show off your bootanimation to your friends and make them jealous of your android phone. May be it’s just me; I haven’t seen any horizontal bootanimation so far. Why should we have a small animation and ignore the rest of the screen?!

No matter what size screen you have, the NeoGlass bootanimation can fit it perfectly and it doesn’t lose quality. I have highly optimized the images and made the animation as smooth as possible. I hope you guys experience the same thing.

It has also been mentioned that there is also a custom MIUI boot screen in the works which will also be in landscape format. For more information, download links, and instructions consult the XDA thread.


Source: XDA via XDA Thread