The new craze in customizations has everyone trying to make whatever device they have look and act like Honeycomb. From boot animations, to themes, to total ports of the SDK, Honeycomb is like a new drug to the Android world, and people just can’t get enough. Although there is one thing  that’s, more than likely, equally as popular, and this would be CyanogenMod. So what happens when you take two addictions and combine them? Hours of getting nothing done is all that could be assumed.

XDA member and CyanogenMod developer mad-murdock has been hard at work perfecting the addition of Android soft keys to the notification bar which was then moved to the bottom of the screen, much like what’s offered on Honeycomb. Among these modifications a screen event handling has tweaked to allow visibility (almost) all the time.

These tweaks will be merged into upcoming CM7 nightly builds starting with nightly 37. As stated in the thread this is still underdevelopment so any feedback is appreciated. If you’d like to give this a try or get more information check out the XDA thread.

Source: XDA via XDA thread

  • Mark Dell

    I wonder how this’ll run on the Viewsonic G. I’ll have to give it a shot.

    • albertng

      could you reply after you have tried this on your viewsonic g? thanks

      • surrealist

        Why the hell are some folks such pretentious assholes in the android community? It runs great, no need to be a jerk.

        • lawl

          stop being a troll. he just reported the issues he had. no need to start insulting. that was objective criticism and you totally exaggerate.

      • Mark Dell

        I’m running this version:
        I haven’t tried it for long but I did get a couple of force closes of the new bar, although it quickly came back up. I also miss the Keyboard that other roms have that split in two, rather than the stock one.

  • John Smith

    this runs great on the nook, a clean wipe always helps, then restore mybackup/titanium etc… awesome stuff. also that split keyboard, are u talking about thumb keyboard??

  • Wakeboarder8156

    The one cyanogenmod that was (tablet ready) i used was running android 2.2 and not running honeycomb. I don’t know if this mod is different and is actually running 2.2 but 2.2 is definitely not made for tablets.

    Honeycomb is also terrible for getting apps since many haven’t been written for 3.0 yet.

  • Anonymous

    not much difference with that and button savior, other than looks and necessity of cyanogenmod:

  • Ryan B

    I’ve been using this on the nightlies for a while. Having previously tried the HC build for the NC, I was sorely missing that sort of functionality in Nookie Froyo and other ROMs. The CM7 tablet tweaks have gotten better with every build and I was very pleased to see them brought into CM7 stable. The tweaks planned for CM7.1 are going to add more polish, which will hopefully tide me over until we see HC AOSP, so that we can really use a HC build compiled for the NC.