Desire HD Gets Sensation Port – Two Things: Sense 3.0 and Alpha Phase


We knew it wouldn’t take long for the someone at XDA to have the leaked Sensation ROM running on one of the many pre-existing HTC devices. The first device to boot the this new ROM is the Desire HD courtesy of XDA member capychimp who’s has dubbed the ROM RCMixHD. Of course this does not at all mean this thing is fully operational as it’s still considered an early alpha build meaning a fair amount of the basic functions aren’t working correctly. All these things aside it’s running Sense 3.0, which will be enough for most people to go absolutely nuts despite the current build phase.

Known bugs:

  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Friendstream widget
  • Images needs resizing
  • Sound effects (srs) on music
  • more i dont know

As stated before this is an alpha build, however it is available for download and can be flashed. Full functionality is not to be expected, but may be viable source to get a feel for the newest version of Sense. With the availability of this port you can expect to see ports for similar devices, MT4G; EVO; Thunderbolt; etc, to start seeing some progress if they haven’t already. A copy of this port and more information can be found in the XDA thread.


[While we support development, we do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your device upon flashing software. If your device gets bricked, your dog eats it, or it self-destructs, we’re throwing our hands up. Not in celebration of course, however if that last thing happens get it on video. It would make a nice post. Have fun. =)]


Source: XDA via XDA Thread

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