We’ve seen numerous articles referencing statistics of the dwindling PC market as a result of smartphones. If this is true and PCS are failing because the new age smartphones then XDA member Lokifish Marz just buried the PC forever.

The HTC EVO is easily one of the most popular Android devices, and is known for it’s vast development community. Although the device has been out for a little while now it’s still made brand new every time a new integration is created. The newest amongst these allows you to use your EVO asĀ  desktop PC making it like the Atrix somewhat. This has been accomplished with a flash of CM7, a desktop-like browser, and the remapping of the Android buttons. The steps are pretty intensive so set aside a couple hours if you’re looking to attempt this.

Source: XDA via XDA thread

  • FILA

    this is the next step for android in a few years if not next year, where ull have a whole PC in your pocket, like this, thanks to the damn moto atrix, this is the next step in the smart phone evolution.