XDA user Rawat has extracted a couple of the live wallpapers from the Samsung Galaxy S II and provided the APKs for your viewing pleasure.

A big thanks to XDA member Clipp from SmartKeitai who provided the following video:

There are two APK files with the secret live wallpapers.

Secret Wallpaper 1 is the beach scene: [ Download ]

Secret Wallpaper 2 is the windmill scene: [ Download ]

  • Blackvyper

    I put both wallpapers on my HTC Desire HD and tested them out. The beach animation is brief so it repeats itself rather quickly which makes it look undone. The windmill LW is just boring to look at in my opinion. For now I’ll stick with my aniPet aquarium.

    • Patburk

      i downloaded them…how do i install?

  • Azon21

    Copy to phone storage and use file manager app to install.

  • Tom Boy

    Rename the .zip files to .apk

  • Anil

    I’m thing Sony Ericsson live with walkman (Ics). The weather is not changing just the time of the day is changing. Pls help.

  • lola

    por favor ponga el fondo de la playa ocean