One of the best things about the stock UIs we see preloaded on various devices we purchase, are the social netowrking applications and widget integrations. This software allows us to keep track of our favorite social environments while keeping friends and family up to date with current happenings on the fly.

Almost every UI available has a stock interface of some kind (the pure google devices not included), and every vendor has a different way of going about these, some focus on design while others focus of function. It seems however that Acer is about both. Their most recent offerings to the Android world are from their Iconia line of devices that were seen at MWC 2011. While we’ve heard little about these devices since then it seems XDA member ericssonka has gotten his hands on a bit of their software.

Acer’s Social Jogger application is a feature built into the user interface that comes preloaded on the Iconia devices.  This application features a widget and plugins which allows you to view updates and status changes from your friends from both Twitter and Facebook. Like TouchWiz and Sense this information is synced with contacts allowing for a bit more utility than what’s found in 3rd party apps.

Having run the Liquid ROM port from the Acer Liquid Metal, I’d have to say out of all the overlays I’ve seen, Acer has the most innovative, not just in function but it design as well. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the goodies Acer has to offer. Check out the XDA thread for a download link and more information.


Source: XDA via XDA thread