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Among the many phones rolling out over the next couple of months a popular theme is found. There’s still a lot of them debuting with Froyo builds. The HTC Thunderbolt was a victim of this, right in the wake of select Gingerbread updates a new flagship device emerges with the same ol piece of software. Granted the Thunderbolt came sporting a second gen processor and additional RAM making it run circles around predecessors, it was still capable of so much more. Most of the popular devices already had successful versions of CyanogenMod 7  making them speedy, efficient and damn sexy might I add. Leaving the Thunderbolt with another disadvantage. Or maybe not?

Although HTC has said that Verizon’s first LTE device would be getting a swift upgrade to Gingerbread it looks like TeamDouche is going to beat them to the punch as an Alpha version of the popular AOSP ROM is now available for this phone. As we’re seeing with many phones now that CM7 has reached a stable release, CyanogenMod is spreading like hot doughnuts in a police station.

If you’d like to check functionality of this new build or just simply read more information check out the XDA thread. Just a reminder this is an alpha build, do not expect to get a daily driver out of this.


Source: XDA via XDA Thread