Trident Cases have 3 level of protection for your devices.  They all offer great protection for your device, but the Kraken is the ultimate safe guard for your devices, the Cyclops is next and the Aegis is the lowest.  Going for the ultimate protection adds the most bulk to your device and finding something you’re happy with can be a trial an error process.

Trident now have two of the three lines available for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G by HTC.  They offer the Cyclops and Aegis and we have both here for testing.  This first review will concentrate on the Aegis and we’ll see how it goes for a few days and then we’ll follow up with the Cyclops.

Trident Aegis Installation kit for the myTouch 4G

The Aegis is the lowest level and offers three levels of protection.  The first is the durable polycarbonate shell and the second is the impact-resistant silicone ring.  The third area of protection they offer is the PET Screen Protector.

Your first step will probably be installing the screen protector on your device and I will get around to trying this out, but I currently have a nicely installed screen protector on my myTouch 4G so I’m going to leave that in place for now.


Step 1: Installing the Silicon Inner Skin

Installation was a breeze. After removing my existing case and giving my phone a quick clean, I slipped on the inner silicone cover and made sure that everythig was aligned correctly with any buttons and openings on the device. Not that much checking is required as the skin fits perfectly around your device.


Step 2: Installing the Polycarbonate Outer Shell

The next step was to install the polycarbonate second layer to the device.  This proved a little more tricky than the first layer as you have to maneuver the case around the buttons on the silicon shell so they protrude through the matching holes in the polycarbonate shell.  When I say tricky, it still wasn’t difficult, it’s just sometimes plying the casing around the buttons makes you nervous that you’d break something, but this was not the case and the final fit was excellent.

Once installed, you’ll notice the four corners of double-thick silicone insulating the myTouch 4G from everything including light bumps to violent drops with a unique shock-absorbing design.

The outer polycarbonate shell has a nice slight velvet feel to it and overall feel of the device in your hand with this case installed is really pretty nice.  Other protection systems with hard outer shells often forget about the feel and shiny surfaces make the device slippery and easy to drop.  The Trident coating has the opposite effect and grips nicely to your hand.

I’ve reviewed a few Otterbox cases in the past and they are excellent quality, but one of my gripes has been the front edges come too close to the screen itself and make it difficult to drag your finger to the edge of the screen.  This makes it difficult to drag icons and widgets from one screen to another on an Android device.  Trident do not have this issue and they give you more space around the edge of your screen for you dragging and dropping pleasure.

In conclusion I can honestly say that the Trident Aegis case for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G is one of the nicest cases I have tried to date and will NOT be removed from my device anytime soon.  Excellent job Trident.

Did I also mention that the case comes in 6 color variations; Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, Pink, and Green.

The regular price from the Trident web site is $29.99 for the Aegis case for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, but you can hunt around the internet and find them for as low as $18.

If you want more information or would like to purchase one of the Trident cases, you can head over to Tridents home page and find out more.

Here’s a few more shots to help you decide:

  • Best cPanel Hosting

    Really nice looking case!!..

  • Guardianlvg

    I have the Cyclops and am switching to the Aegis when I get home. the Aegis just looks so much better doesn’t hinder the use of the phone like the Cyclops. The Cyclops has raised side all the way around and causes the same issue as the Otterbox… just with better protection.

    • Chuck

      I just ordered the Trident Aegis Case for my HTC TMobile MyToudh 4G, and one for my wife’s HTC 4G Slide. I’m returning an Otterbox Commuter I have tried to get happy with for three weeks because the Otterbox has absolutely NO support for the inner silicone liner at the top and bottom of the phone, leaving it to flop around and unplug the headphone cover EVERY time I take it out of my pocket, or accidently touch it the wrong way. I tried electrical tape, super glue…everything and NOTHING would hold that flap/plug shut.

      So, I expect to be able to give Kudos to Trident for the Aegis design. All I got from the Otterbox rep I spoke with about it was, “Yeah, sorry. I understand but there’s nothing we can do.”

      Trident, you likely just gained a new, loyal customer!