Looks like T-Mobile is finally going to bring back free WiFi calling to its customers. An internal document indicates that all customers with WiFi calling enabled devices will finally get the added perk once again. This reinstated service is said to begin on May 11th, which is tomorrow.

As it currently sits if you use the currently embedded feature to place or receive calls over your WiFi network, T-Mobile was subtracting those minutes from your current rate plan. Which was, in opinion, still an OK deal if you happened to live in one of many locations where your service was less then adequate.

Everyone that has the app available on their device should be receiving an SMS over the next couple of days to advise you of the change in services.

Its nice to see this feature brought back to us. Now the question is what will happen to it when AT&T takes over?

Source: Tmonews

  • Techtramp

    Waiting with baited breath with my G2

  • Joe Daleo

    Is this why wi fi calling stopped working on my G2? Tmobile support was not only clueless but told me they did not support wi fi calling and that I should call my ISP???