HTC Thunderbolt Listed for $99 at Verizon for a Few Lucky Customers


The guys over at Droid-Life seem to have stumbled across a certain email that’s being shot out to select Verizon subscribers. The email depicts a private sale that’s taking place from now until June 12th and has the HTC Thunderbolt listed for a mind-blowing $99 with a new two-year contract. Of course as mentioned this sale is exclusive to the “most valuable customers”. While we’re not sure exactly what’s involved when selecting these “valuable customers” a simple call to Verizon or visit to a local store could yield results upon mentioning the ad. Never hurts to try, after all this is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen the Thunderbolt go for.


Source: Android Community via Droid-Life

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  • Probbiethe1

    I got one of these emails :) ! to bad i already have a Thunderbolt

  • FILA

    you have to suck dick

  • Zachchapter1

    I got a text that offered the $49 private sale discount. No extra loyalty discount though. If I had, I would’ve bought a Thunderbolt already.

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