It’s almost unavoidable, at some point some one will ask you for your phone, whether to play a certain game, make a phone call, or simply check it out. Depending on the atmosphere you may not be able to keep an eye on them the whole time, so what’s to keep them from snooping. It’s becoming common for people to store things such as credit cards, work related information, or simply personal documents or pictures. That being said despite the circumstances or the person chances are you don’t want this information accessible to just anyone that happens to pick up your phone whether given permission or not. XDA member leducbao doesn’t want that either, and has released an app that seeks to give you piece of mind when it comes to keeping your information safe.

Advanced App Locker prevents the accidental or deliberate snooping of your installed applications by requiring authentication to view them. This new application allows you to specify locks for applications you’d like to keep private. Each time an application is unlocked other locked application can be viewed too until the validity period expires allowing you to quickly go through your phone without having to worry about the redundancies of security. Features include locking by means of PIN, password, black screen, or dialing a number. Of course unlocking is also included if you want unrestricted access to your phone.

Setup Lock method
Advanced App Locker (AAL) supports four alternative methods to lock an application from un-authorized access:

  • PIN: type a PIN number to open the app. This is the default method. The default PIN is ’888′
  • Password: Type a password to open the app. The default password is ‘pass’
  • Black screen: A black screen is shown when attempts to open the app. Touch on the top, right corner N times to open. The default number of touching times is 2
  • Dial a number: Dial a number to show locked apps. Click on an app to open it. It shows a black screen when attempts to open it. The default number to dial is ’123′. This feature is available only on PRO version and dial-enabled devices
  • You can select a default method from application’s settings.

Unlock validity
Unlocking dialog is very annoying. You can select default behavior to make it more comfortable

  • Validity period: The unlock remain valid during the validity period, such as until screen off, app closed, or 5 minutes later.
  • Unlock one, remember for all: Once you unlock an app, it unlocks other app in the ‘validity period’

Locking apps
When AAL is opened, an application list will be shown.

  • Check/uncheck to lock an application with default method.
  • Touch on the application name to select an alternative method

You can disable or lock all applications by turn it on/off from setting screen. You change default settings from application’s setting screen.

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy check out the market link below. Remember this application is still in development so any problems or bugs you run into should be reported to the XDA thread, but don’t stop there be sure to leave the dev some love if this has helped you out. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes.


Summary and Downloads:

Application: Advanced App Locker
Developer: AntTek
Cost: FREE

Source: XDA via XDA Thread