We’ve all heard about the new HTC Sensation coming to T-Mobile and our good friend, @TheDroidGuy got his hands on this amazing device, unboxed it and gave us a nice introduction to this new dual-core power house from HTC.

For those of you who don’t know much about this device, the HTC Sensation 4G has a 4.3″ qHD Display running at 540×960 resolution, a 1.2ghz Asyncronous Dual-core  Qualcomm SnapDragon  processor, 768 megs of ram, 4GB of internal storage, HSPA++ support which means up to 42mbps data connections.  Another nice feature of this device is that it’s running HTC Sense 3.0.  This is a nice change as current T-Mobile users will know that T-Mobile have had their own customized version of Sense on previous devices.

The features of this device remind me very much of the Google Nexus One with it’s Aluminum Unibody design, and dual microphones for better noise reduction

I’n not going to bore you with too many details, instead just watch the video below and then you can head over to TheDroidGuy if you want to see what else they have to say.

Amazing looking phone, but I am going to have to teach Kyle how to create better looking videos. :)

  • Eric

    Not sure where you get your info, but this isn’t a 42MB phone. It’s only 14.4 which amazes me since the G2X is a 21MB. HTC blew it in too many areas on this “super” phone like only 768mb of RAM, poor low light camera performance. I’m afraid Sammy is going to kill’em with the S2 and it hurts to say that because I am not a Samsung fan. I was going to buy a Sensation, but have decided to hold off until Christmas when the quads come out.

    • FILA

      thats cuz HTC still uses the Qualcoms or whatever Radio, which they only go up to 14.4, sammy and the rest of the gang, unfortuantly are up to 21 right now, they need to step there game up, i kno it sucks

  • FILA

    also the phone is only at 14.4Mbps which calculates to 1.8MBps. lmao 42MB connections, nobody has that yet, even on LAN

  • Dboii54

    Not sure where you got your info, but the G2X is not a 21 Mb/s device. It uses the Qualcomm MDM6200, which maxes out at 14.4

  • FILA

    Id rather have the HTC anyways, the buttons are right where they should be, Home should always be first, then menu, Back and then search. any other layout is stupid, why put the home button the farthest away from your thumb? anyways, even if Sammy has a step up in specs, i wouldnt go with sammy, anyways, or LG with all there hardware problems from the G2X, and again those buttons suck. This will do me good ONLY IF the bootloader will be unlocked, nobody knows…I hope, cuz thats the only way I’ll buy this phone, gotta have that fresh vanilla!

  • Peter fitzenwell

    Htc all the way ….ever since I bought the original galaxy s and they’ve had trouble pushing out updates I’ve always went for HTC phones so I’m definitely getting this mofoe ….can’t wait perfect follow up to my nexus one :)

  • FILA

    just noticed and big disappointment but i guess not a deal breaker but…no camera button, wtf