As a current EVO 4G owner I’m just itching to get my hands on the new EVO 3D. Despite the the 3D capabilities the sheer power of this phone is enough to send any Android fan into a frenzy. Sprint let the cat out of the bag this morning finally announcing that the HTC EVO 3D would be hitting stores June 24th, and as you may have guessed we’re now starting to see the 3rd party advertisements.

Among the favorites in the wireless retailer world, Wirefly has announced that they are now offering the HTC EVO 3D for $179.99 or a about $20 off the $200 price tag being offered at Sprint stores. While this isn’t a significant discount it ensures that you’ll be able to at least by a some sort of case to protect your investment. This price only applies to those opening a new Sprint account or upgrading an existing contract and of course qualifying data and voice plans are required. If you’ve been waiting to pick one of these up now’s your chance. Why wait for launch day and all the lines when you can have yours delivered straight to your door and save a little cash too.


  • emin

    This phone price is $ 179.99 that is? or contract for several years? Where is the phone?

    • Stormy Beach

      I am sure that is an old link anyways. you can follow the links to the new pricing I assume. all discounts are 2-year contracted accounts. nothing is cheap with out a contract.