Amazon has released their FREE app of the day, and today we have Grow by Epic Pixel LLC.  In Grow your task is simple, consume everything that’s smaller than you are. The core idea isn’t far different from something like Katamari Damacy but in reality the game plays quite differently. Using a virtual joystick in the corner of the screen you take full analog control of a small fish from a 2D side view, making the game feel more like a goal orientated cartoonish version of fl0w.

It’s FREE, so download it, give it a try and uninstall it if you don’t want it.

You can also check out the video review from our master of game reviews, Mark Dell.  Mark stated “it’s a unique and enjoyable ride that’s worth returning to once its done

You can also check out Epic Pixels Promo video below:

Product Features

  • 64 levels with 7 environments
  • Virtual joystick or touch-screen controls
  • 5 unique power-ups with 17 upgrades to unlock
  • 6 types of enemies with unique behavior
  • Global leaderboard and Facebook connection

Product Description

You are a little fish with a big appetite and dreams of becoming a whopper. And so, you eat. And eat and eat and eat. And eventually, you Grow.

Big Fun

This is not your typical fishy game, where you mindlessly tap on the screen to feed your pet fish and wait for it to get bigger. In Grow, you are the fish, and you’re trying to munch your way to the top of the aquatic food chain while avoiding becoming lunch yourself.

Impressive Visuals

The first thing you notice about Grow is the quality graphics. The creatures and environments are designed with imagination and feature impressive detail. The second thing that jumps out at you is the smooth controls, whether you choose the virtual joystick or the touch-and-drag option to move your fish around. Haptic feedback gives you that satisfying extra crunch. The look and feel alone make this app worth the price of admission.

It’s a Fish-Eat-Fish World

Soon, however, you’ll be caught up in Grow’s addicting gameplay. Start out in Adventure mode to get a feel for the game. Your mission is quite simple–eat the small and medium-sized fish and avoid the big, ugly ones such as the puffer and angler fish. It’s pretty easy to spot the bad guys because they sport red warning rings. The more you eat, the bigger you get.

A bar at the top of the screen gauges your progress–when it’s full, you move on to the next level. You have a choice between Normal and Advanced difficulty settings, so you can challenge yourself as you get bigger and better.

Survival of the Fittest

Once you’re feeling confident, it’s time to switch to Survival mode. You begin life as a tiny egg in a cramped jar. Your goal is the deep blue sea. Advance through 64 different levels and seven fun environments by collecting points and gold coins. A multiplier effect helps you score big.

Grab the floating power-ups to give yourself bonus skills and attributes, or buy them in the official store with your coins. Record your high score for each level and share your achievements on Facebook. If you’re a whale of a player you might swim your way up the global scoreboard.

We dare you–just try to resist this game. The premise may be simple, but you can’t look away. And if you do–Crunch! Chomp! Gulp! Your growth is terminated.


Summary and Downloads:

Application: Grow
Developer: Epic Pixel LLC
Cost: FREE