Pandora ranks high among the many music streaming applications available for our devices.  Despite the past happenings, they continue to rapidly gain fans and aren’t expected to stop anytime soon. Upon browsing through my list of apps installed an update came across for this application and as it’s one of my favorites I quickly installed it. The update doesn’t add really add any new features however, it does address a few stability issues which caused crashes and an otherwise unpleasant experience for some users.

What’s in this version:

  1. Faster start up for some users
  2. Fix crash usually experienced when trying to view station list
  3. Fix crash when quickly rotating screen
  4. Other stability enhancements

To grab a copy, or simply updating your existing one, check out your list of apps on your phone or you can scan or click the QRCode below. Either way you go about it will get you well on your way to enjoying your favorite music in no time.


Summary and Downloads:

Application: Pandora Internet Radio
Developer: Pandora
Cost: FREE

  • RW-1

    Pandora is also gaining a following for:

    Extreme permissions that are not needed on the phone for what it does.

    Ads, that they say are needed to pay the bills, but they garner enough ad revenue thru computer clients, there was no need to toss ads onto every mobile device (and it didn’t start out that way on the app either, it was ad free for a time), and over two updates, the ads have become more intrusive as well, taking up the whole, or 3/4 of the screen …

    Their repetive playlists are annoying once you have listened to it for more than 3 days, one can recreate a station, and you still get the same “choices”.

    Lastly, Google Music. Nothing more to say here, if I’m going to stream, then I’ll do my own collection, GM does a great job of instant playlists from my whole collection based upon what I’m playing at the time.

    I’m not leaving Pandora, I am flaming them for their mobile service, I may keep my account for a bit, but even then it is hard when I can grab anything from GM even on my laptop.

    It is no longer on my Android device.