Today, Developer Krylon360 gave the Sidekick4G community a present they have all been waiting for. As seen from the image above, ClockworkModRecovery is now fully working on the Sidekick4G. As an added bonus, Krylon360 has made it compatible with both EXT4 and RFS filesystems.
Now keep in mind, this was all done “blindly” as Krylon360 does not own, nor have a Sidekick4G; which he also did the same thing with the Samsung Galaxy S 4G CWM build as well; so CWM support will be limited to what is reported to him, as well as the results from his group of testers.

Head on over to XDA to learn how to get ClockWorkMod Recovery loaded onto your T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.

Sources: XDA, Twitter

  • Kawika Kahikina

    Thats friggin titz!

  • davey0728

    Ya it’s cool….if it wasn’t on a crappy sidekick.