HTC EVO 3D Phone Stack

On Friday I received the  HTC EVO 3D, soon to be released on the Sprint network.  A worthy successor to the original HTC EVO, the EVO 3D is almost identical to the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile, except for the more traditional EVO series square casing.  You can find more details in my Initial Impressions article from Friday that also compares features with the HTC Sensation.

Without delay, here’s my video review of the HTC EVO 3D coming soon from Sprint:


You can purchase the HTC Sensation right now from the AndroidSPIN cell phone store and the EVO 3D as soon it becomes available.


  • WTF?!?!

    tell us something we dont know already!!!! everyone is doing the same damn reviews

    • Spoken Wordâ„¢

      It’s a review so pretty much every person that reviews it will be touching on the same things!