jbbandos has released an update to QND MIUI v1.6.24 Update 2. The latest version is now v1.6.24 Up.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Nexus One: Google Nexus One

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1.6.24 V2 Update Pack now ready:

  • Dutch and French strings improvements
  • Hungarian and Slovenian languages added

As usual, flash on top of 1.6.24

Differences from base MIUI+ XJ translations:

Known Problems:

  • a2sd won`t work properly on a clean install (after a full wipe); this is “inherited” from the original MIUI ROM. Two workarounds are possible, either run “a2sd repair” from a terminal or adb shell, or flash DarkTremor`s A2SD on top of the ROM.
  • Theme Manager FCs on 1.6.10. Installed the Updater.apk fix from 1982Strand, so there might be some strings in English.
  • Some translations are incomplete in 1.6.10, will upload a new version when the new release of the language pack is available.
  • 1.5.20 V1 – The default desktop, also when installing after a full wipe, is missing MIUI backup, clock, superuser, and some other apps. This seems to be due to the integration of the Multi-Language pack. The workaround for this is to install the deodexed ROM, boot, reboot into recovery, and install QND on top of it. Will see if I can fix it for next release. – Fixed, uploaded V2


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