We all knew TomTom had an Android app in the works and that eventually we would see it go live for us. I’m fairly certain a chunk of the problem with bringing it to Android sooner had to do with memory limits or processor speeds, but that is just my opinion so don’t go posting that anywhere.

The crew over at PocketGPSWorld got a little sit down time with Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director for TomTom. She had this little tidbit of information to relay to the press –

PGPS: The TomTom App has been in the top 10 in the Apple AppStore since it’s release do you have plans to launch on other platforms, in particular Android and Windows Phone?

TT: We are currently working on a version for Android this will be released soon. I cannot give you a specific date yet. For Windows Phone we are not planning to release anything.

This all sounds like great news. I personally like how she said they are not planning anything for Windows Phone. Most likely due to the over whelming number of people sporting an Android device and the lack luster numbers in the Windows Phone world. As she stated, nospecific date has been decided nor a price. I assume it could sit somewhere in the $20 to $40 range based on its competition with CoPilot Live, which comes in between $20 and $80, and is supposed to be a really amazing GPS application.

I am still not convinced TomTom will make a killing though. We have Google NAV that offers a FREE navigation solution plus others like Locus, that support full map downloads for offline viewing. Hopefully they can make this app worth the bucks for the average user. I have no doubt the TomTom fans out there will be all over picking this up though.

Any thoughts about TomTom you guys want to share? Anyone waiting impatiently for this to drop?

Source: PocketGPSWorld



  • FILA

    you also have to remember its rumored for Google in a future release of Maps for Android to store offline maps, which im excited for. So once google does that, storing maps offline, thats it, it will be the best there is, hands down

    • Jamice

      Not really they also have to improve on their routing which sucks right now!!!!

  • http://www.anglaispod.com/ bucketachicken

    To be honest, I will probably buy the TomTom app, as I used to use their GPS devices before hacking Google Navigation onto the G1 back forever ago (shout out to changing build.prop files). I do use Google Nav almost all the time, though I have also used CoPilot (version 8 and the new “Premium” version 9, which is indeed a massive improvement over v8). I am not familiar with Locus, though after posting this I’m gonna go look at it. The things I’d want from TomTom that Google Nav doesn’t offer (currently) are the following:

    -true offline mode (à la CoPilot), which yes, Google Nav may get soon but doesn’t have yet
    -advanced traffic views (TomTom standalone GPS have always had great traffic)
    -lane guidance (Google Nav needs this…truly awesome feature for passing through major cities on road trips that you aren’t familiar with; CoPilot has it in the newest version, the “Premium” version 9, and it is nice)
    -a very functional/clean/frequently updated/stable POI guide (yes, Google Nav has Google search, which as we all know works well many times, but does have the lack of frequent reverifications as a drawback; and CoPilot v8 is a bit lacking in this area, v9 is improved but still not perfect, so this is an area TomTom could shine)

    If they can peg those, in addition to having the at-this-point requisite voice control and a great UI, and reliable maps, I’d happily pay $30-$40 for it. More than that though, and they’re charging too much. CoPilot Premium is $10 right now (though I think it’ll go up to $20 after the introductory special), and Google Nav is free, so….I see $30-$40 as a max, and that’s including live traffic/map updates/etc.

    Now, off to check out this Locus…

    and anyone who has questions about different Nav systems (I’ve used all the Android ones), feel free to send me a message, my disqus username @ gmail is my contact.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure there are some hardcore feature that wil get listed by others, but they will most likely force the price too high.

    For this to be a popular alternative to the built in (and free) maps option it has to cater to two demographics. One, it needs to be better in some capacity. Offline is good, but with that rumored to be coming to maps anyway it needs more than that. Two, it needs some FUN feature as well. A good one would be if instead of trying to make all their money on the app itself… put up and sell alternative voices in the market. People will (I think) buy multiple “personalities” for the app, just as they do with their dedicated PNDs. And/Or sell an app that lets you make your own voices for it. One gripe you hear very often about Google Nav is the voice. The general consumer would eat up that sort of “personalization”

  • Wayne

    I’ll buy TomTom Android the day it rolls out.  The one thing I miss most from my Treo 755 is Tom Tom.  It’s even better on a smart-phone than as a stand-alone device.

    • Cuthbert

      really? dont you find device clutter? ie juggling music, calls, text and GPS just doesnt work for me. 

      • Wayne

        No, I listen to music on the car’s sound system, and I don’t answer the phone or text while driving. I find it much more annoying to have 2 devices to mess with, especially when in the Samurai, which has no secure storage.

  • Anonymous

    For me, Tomtom is the killer app, and the lack of an android version is what’s been keeping me from making the jump from iphone for my main phone. I’m an android fan and have a Xoom tablet and a budget android phone as a secondary handset but I haven’t been able to completely cut the apple ties due to the lack of to tom on android. I know there are several alternative satnav app available and have tried quite a few of them but i haven’t found anything that matches up. As soon as it’s released I’ll be dropping the iphone like a hot potato

  • Rambo

    No need to slag off on Windows Phone. Bad karma dude!!

  • Matt Zwirn

    Almost a year since they announced it for android and still nada.

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