Sony Ericsson MW600 Package

Sony Ericsson MW600 Package


Bluetooth technology has come a long way in the past few years. No longer are wires required, and the quality of wireless transmissions has made stereo sound transmittable through the air waves to device such as wireless speaker systems, and of course, wireless headsets.  The Sony Ericssons MW600 is a stereo wireless headset that can be wirelessly connected to your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device and then used to listen to your music and make phone calls.  read on for the full review of this pretty feature packed device from Sony Ericsson.


Sony Ericsson MW600 Contents

Sony Ericsson MW600 Contents


The Sony Ericcson MW600 is almost unnoticeable to use. It’s small and lightweight, weighing  in at only 13g.  If you try to visualize the MW600, it’s about 2 inches in length and not much thicker than a ball point pen.  The front face of the device sports an OLED display, one side holds a rocker switch for music control and navigation while the opposite side has a touch sensitive volume slider.  Sliding your finger in either direction along the strip increases or decreases the volume accordingly.  Similar to many other wireless Bluetooth devices in this category, the end of the device has a 3.5mm headphone socket to plug in the provided headphones or other headphones of your own choosing.  On one end of the device there is a USB port used for charging as well as a dedicated power button.  The rear of the device has an alligator clip design clip-on system to easily attached to your shirt or jacket.


Sony Ericsson MW600 USB End

Sony Ericsson MW600 USB End


The buttons allow for complete and seamless control of your music streaming, voice calling and FM radio.  Yes, this device also features an FM Radio tuner with RDS.  The central button located between the forward and reverse buttons is used as the play, pause and after a longer press, selection button for switching between the FM Radio or the sounds from your connected device.  The forward and reverse buttons interact with your device to skip songs and whatever else the application on your device maps these controls to.


Sony Ericsson MW600 Face

Sony Ericsson MW600 Face


An area that sometimes gets neglected in a device of this type is the actual quality of the voice calls when you’re using your phone through the headset.  I’m pleased to say that the call quality from this headset is simply awesome.  Calls are crystal clear and people I spoke to all said that I was loud and clear from my end.  The MW600 can be paired with two handsets simultaneously and is rated as providing up to 10 hours of continuous play time.  I didn’t have a chance to prove this, but I had the device playing for almost five hours and it was still going strong.

Music streaming from my Pandora queue was played with ease and the quality again was excellent and worthy of a five star rating from me.

The RDS feature of the built in radio was nice, displaying information about the music station your listening to and the songs being played is a nice feature for any radio, let alone in such a small device.


Sony Ericsson MW600 Complete

Sony Ericsson MW600 Complete



Is the MW600 worth the $60 or so (cheaper if you hunt) it costs?  I’d say that’s a Yes.  Being able to lounge out in the yard with my phone inside the house and not have to worry about where it is, is nice.  Phone calls effortlessly answered with the touch of a button and my music muted is just plain easy on the brain.  Much easier than having to go hunting for your phone and then heading over to the stereo unit to turn down your music so you can chat with the person on the other end of the phone.

  • frostiedasnoman

    I’ve got one of these headsets and they are as good as Simon states. I have just one bugbear though – ringtones don’t come through when someone calls. Instead, you get a generic and very grating ‘ringing noise’.  For a retentive personality such as myself who sets ringtones for every user-group (so I know who’s calling without picking up the phone), it’s quite frustrating. More so since even my old Nokia could handle that.

  • Debra M

    I must confess I’ve only used the MW600s for speaking on the phone:  I’ve only one complaint – already, the buds aren’t working – or speaker.  I cannot hear out of them.
    Bought last September

  • Prakashmadhavi17

    wht is price of this handset

  • Narsimha

    I’ve been using this for the past 2 months,
    bought for Rs.2500/- from in October 2011
    happy with the functionality.
    FM option is great.
    I’ve been using this with my Karbon k30.
    Its keep getting disconnected, dont know its with this device or my mobile problem, other than this every thing is good.
    Works best with sony ericsson mobiles or any other high end mobiles.

  • ChrisP

    I bought last month for $45. Mine was MW600 with business experience pack. It can paired with up to 3 devices (contrary to what the retail package posted here). Headset has awesome sound clarity and bass, but I hate it for it’s “too short”, I guess.

    Weird and annoying to know that it doesn’t show song title (on oled screen) when paired to my Xperia mini. But works fine on iPad and Blackberry 9780.

  • Eduardo Kucharsky

    I had one, until I lost it one drunk night, but for about 8 moths worked like a charm. It’s intresting to me the fact that it display the time whe paires with a chinese generic phone, but could’n display the time whe paired with my galaxy note. Any thoughts? (pardon my english please if I wrote something wrong).