After the last article about the exploits of some apps to gain profits for invites, I thought I should share something useful. This applications is called Google+ Tips and is loaded full of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Google+ account. As an added bonus, the developer also included a humor section with some truly hilarious comics and photos for your enjoyment. There is an Invite section, but it is not to request an invite. It is merely to let you know if invites are opened or closed at the time.


Here is the PROMISE: If I found lots of people are downloading this app, I will continuously adding more features.:)

Find out the latest tips of the popular Google+ social network. And you could also check the status of invite easily.

Sounds like a pretty good promise to me. Even if you may not need this app your self, I’d suggest downloading it and recommending it to others to it going and updated. After all, we still have a billion people to educate and get moved right?

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Google+ tips
Cost: FREE