It seems like it has been ages since I showed you guys a CM7 theme. I guess it was only last night though. How time doesn’t fly.

Here we have Crystal theme, by DaRk_dOg. Judging by the amount of detail in the theme he has spent many long hours building this theme from the ground up. It was his personal project for personal use. It has finally reached a point that he feels happy to share his baby.

“Crystal is a mix of cyan/transparent and carbon-like textures and colors. Every single image inside has been redesigned and not just retouched, in order to fit to the rest parts. This is my personal theme and since it has reached a nice level, I’ve decided to share it with all of you..” – DaRk_dOg

Take a look and tell us what you think.



He has currently themed 58 third party app icons and all your primary system apps. Since this is his project at the moment, he will be making updates every Sunday and sharing it with the masses. A personal recommentation from DaRk_dOg is to use a dark background.  AS with most devs, he had some help in getting this far. So a big thanks goes out, not only to DaRk_dOg, but nobodyAtallaZuZu and cyanogen for “making phones fun again” – a direct quote I might add.  If you are hooked on the wallpaper used in the screen shots, you can find it on his XDA thread with the theme.

Don’t forget to hit the thanks button if you appreciate the work. Remember, there are more people out there than just you.

Source: XDA



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