I had a gentleman send in a request for me to take a look at an app he and all his buddies use daily called Straight Spittin. I took a moment to locate it in the market and watch a couple YouTube videos online. At first I was like ” Are you serious!” Then I stopped to think about it’s potential. It has a lot of that.

Anyone that has ever seen 8 Mile knows what a rap battle is all about. Every aspiring MC in the country started attempting to be as clever as Eminem was when he dropped the rhymes on Papa Doc. Unfortunately, Oregon and most of the west coast just don’t have the skill, nor the community atmosphere for events like those. That’s what Appalachian Apps, LLC saw too when they released Straight Spittin. This application won first place at AT&T‘s Open Call contest in CTIA 2011 and the winner in the 2011 Microsoft Fast Pitch contest! They have a lot going for them right out the gate.

So what is it? Straight Spittin is an MC in the making application. Instead of just being able to drop a beat and sit in you living room dreaming of becoming a star, you can actually become a star. No more street corner battles against the same people you have known for years. It takes the concept of a battle to the next level. You have a constant streaming forum section where you can talk to other users and comment on things they have said. You can exchange lines and versus or just talk crap to people.

You can use the standard free beats that are available, or you can purchase beats made from various producers. You get the ability to practice with the various beats that you have in your device via Rehearse mode. That will allow you to record your work at the same time and listen to it afterwards.

That’s not the biggest part of this application though. What makes this app stand out is the Battle mode. You can challenge anyone to a battle at any time. If they aren’t available they will get a message and join you when they can. Then you can go head to head with any user on the app from anywhere in the world! That’s pretty cool. Users can then vote on the best battle and the winner. Don’t forget to about the replay section, that is where you can listen to your rehearsals and more.

This app is also a cross platform app. It is also available in the Ovi store for Nokia and on Blackberry.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Straight Spittin Trial
Developer: Appalachian Apps, LLC
Cost: FREE