There are numerous clock making applications on the market. All have there strong points and users that prefer one over the other. could become your next favorite clock making application. It combines the ability to build your own style of clock with 3 of the most common uses. You can use it as an onscreen clock, a widget clock or a live wallpaper. Which pretty much covers all aspects of how you would want to use a clock on your device.

Not only do you have a multitude of clock faces to choose from, you gain full control over many of the most desirable additions available. You can ad free text, date, time, timezone, battery, GSM, WIFI, weather, free memory and used CPU. The list of things this app can do for you is HUGE! Take a look below for a few screen shots of a few that have been made.

I already love what they have done in the screen shots and am sure to spend many hours playing around with it on my device. The current devices that this application has been tested on include –

Samsung Galaxy S
– ZTE Blade
– HTC Incredible
Nexus One
– Motorola Defy
– LG P509
T-Mobile G2x

That of course is just the confirmed list. It should work on many other devices as well. You can test it out with the free version of the app first, and if all goes well, pick up the Gold version. Which is only $1.42. To make your experience as grand as possible, also has a website up and running that offers you download links to other images for you to use.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Free (Clock)
Developer: Pedro Duque
Cost: FREE

  • Rinkesh621

    does this work on tablets as well?

    • pmduque

      Yep. I’ve reports of it working quite well on Samsung Tablet

  • Reppate

    There have been some massive updates to lately. It might be worth revisiting. Take a look in the downloadable clocks to see some really complex pieces available.