The crew over at BGR were tipped off of a new Samsung device that is supposed to be headed to AT&T at some point in time. Not much is really known about what this device is or what is under the hood. Judging from the image it looks to have all the external bells and whistles attached. I see a front facing camera, motion sensor and light sensor. It appears to be keeping with Samsung tradition on the Galaxy S line with the charging port and headphone jack located at the top of the device.

The Android market went into a frenzy of on screen only devices for quite a while with only a few choices launched sporadically through out the last year. I know it was something that brought a lot of attention to OEMs and carriers alike. There is a fine line and balance between both types of users demanding full keyboards and those who hate them.

What do you guys think? Could this be AT&T’s next big device from Samsung? Are there more users craving a full keyboard now a days? Or will this fall to the wayside? Until I know more about what this is, I am filing under the

Source: BGR