With many device getting Gingerbread love over the last couple weeks, I wonder how well received a non Gingerbread update will be. Taking a look at the PDF file, you can see the list of things that will be included in Verizon’s update for the LG Revolution. Quite honestly, adding in another service to pay for (V-Cast) wouldn’t really entice me to update. There are other various bug fixes as well and many other apps have been updated. It doesn’t seem like they did a whole lot on this one though.

It almost feels like a slap in the face to put this update out. What can a person do about it though? Root and make their phone better than a carrier ever could? That is one heck of an option. It would help you get rid of that pesky Bing too.

Source: Verizon Support

  • joey

    when is this update going to happen?? 

    • poop

      It just did and I see uh, no difference . still can’t push power button to hang up. No auto cap for the letter I when beginning a sentence . user dictionary isn’t updating on its own. never thought id say this but I miss my droid OG .