When I first caught a glimpse of these headphones I thought I was going to be in for another “meh” experience. I liked the idea of Marvel comics inspired headphones but not if they were going to be all look with no boom. But again I was very pleasantly surprised.

They arrive inside a very nice box that sports the Marvel logo and will have the image of what ever comic brand you purchased. In this case I got the Iron Man headphones. You can see the packaging is made to be displayed. This is one box I won’t be tossing into the recycle bin. On one side you get a preview of what the headphones look like.

Now we get to open the box and get our hands on these wicked looking things.


The design of these headphones is really amazing. With nearly all aspects of the headphones themed out in your favorite character and similar color scheme all around. On both sides of the speaker you will see Iron Man standing there staring at you. The Marvel logo is tucked away up under the band and the Iron Man brand labeled across the top. This particular version has gold plated brackets that hold the speakers and swivel to fit your head perfectly. On the inside you will notice the red padded ring. It is ultra cushy for a super comfortable fit. They didn’t skimp on the over the head band either. If you notice in the first photo, the two speakers nearly touch. The band has a thick metal band in between the leather that has some serious spring to it. These guys fit snug and don’t slip around at all.

As far as sound goes. They literally rock. My sister said it was like having a surround sound system on her head.

  • Driver Unit – 40 mm Power Drivers
  • Frequency Range – 20 Hz – 20001Hz
  • Impedance – 32 ohms
  • 1KHz Sensitivity – 120dB
  • Max Power Input – 100 mW
  • Coil Cord – 1.2 m

Anyone that has a pair of the J4M ear buds that I reviewed, know what sound can be like. Take the sound they produce and clear it up, add a little more bass and you have the sound of these head phones from Coloud.


For the out standing sound quality mixed with the Marvel stamp, one would expect these to easily be fetching $100. Oddly enough, they are only $39.90. If you want to rock it back old school style and sport some Marvel style headphones that pack a serious punch, go see what www.coloud.com has to offer you.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kstagg Kevin Stagg

    What? No DC Comics and Batman? What gives?