Official Facebook Messenger App Live in the Market


Don’t get to excited, this isn’t the chat app that everyone has been dying to get their hands on. Instead it is an app that simplifies your Facebook experience. The app doesn’t really do much of anything that your standard app or third party app doesn’t already do. It is just now branded by Facebook.


Top Features
– Message friends, groups of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts
– Map your location, find your friends and make plans on the go
– Get mobile notifications so you never miss a message
– Include photos so friends can see what you’re doing

I think too many people were expecting a dedicated chat app, and were sorely misled in that direction. It does serve a purpose though. You can easily locate your friends and send single messages or group messages. If you are still sucked in to the placebo effect of Facebook, you can check out this app below. Let us know what you think and what app is better.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Facebook Messenger
Developer: Facebook
Cost: FREE

Source: OMGDroid

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Stormy Beach
I am the proud father of three, 3, 9, and 12. I recently upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Sony Xperia Z. Having so many kids warranted a change of pace. Let me tell you, it is mind blowing. I love Android, I love tech and I love my family. Not in that order though. I work hard, play even harder and take care of all that are around me when I can.

  • Jason Bowdach

    So Facebook is outsourcing development now too. LOL

  • Jason Bowdach

    So Facebook is outsourcing development now too. LOL

  • brian pyeatt

    its like face book crossed with lattitude, but with more battery drain…    UNINSTALLED

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