If  you haven’t found your favorite music player yet, you may just want to take a peak at the latest Miui music player. The latest released version is at 1.4.22 and can now easily be installed on any device sporting Android 1.6 and newer. Take a quick look –

Quite a few people have taking a strong liking to this music player over the stock player that many suffer with. I know I used to use an older version of this player before Google Music came out. If you would like to give this app a looksee, you can find the download links below in both a QR and clickable link. Let us know which player you prefer.


Multiupload –

Source: DroidUniverse

  • Jaymoon

    Google Music wins because of the whole syncing/streaming feature.  I’ll try alternatives when Google opens up the API for the cloud storage.  …if they ever do.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      You NEED to try this music player. Like seriously…. just try it. :O

  • http://www.facebook.com/sayantan.nandi Sayantan Nandi

    does it need a rooted phone?

  • Lol

    This Article Made My Blog DroidUniverse More Popular, That Being Said Thank You

  • Saintscar

    does anybody know how i can get my bluetooth headset to control the player?
    works under miui, but not under a samsung based rom with this apk :/

  • Saintscar

    ah by the way, what differs this apk to the one taken directly from miuis /system/app…
    i mean, why does it not run under a samsung based firmware even if you insert it to system/app with root explorer
    what changes have to be done to get it working?

  • Fredric

    Hey everyone, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Y running creed 3.5
    Anyway, when I try to find or download lyrics through this gorgeous music player it says “Lyrics search failed” how can I fix this?

  • kidash.zaki

    ttpod is also cool and best. It having money features and good sound rendering………