When I first saw the Mighty Dwarf I thought to myself, there was no way this thing could work. How on earth could you turn a table top into a speaker. It was a great idea but seemed a little fictional to me. Then I got one in the mail to demo and review. I will be honest, it sat on my desk for a few hours before I dug it out and plugged it in to charge up. Generally when things show up for review I tear into them immediately. After I let it charge for a bit and looked at it I was prepared for the worst. I grabbed my Vibrant and plugged it into the Mighty Dwarf, removed the protective cover on the base like the instructions told me too and turned on some tunes. As soon as I set it down on my homemade plywood desk, my jaw dropped in disbelief. This little thing works and works well! Take a look at some photos and the video below to get good look at this little thing –

Yes, I got a pink one. I could honestly care less about color as long as the product works. You can easily tell the size of the unit with my comparison to a half folded dollar bill. It really isn’t all that big. It does have a good amount of weight behind it though. On the side of the device is a micro card memory card slot, power control, volume and track changing controls. There is no read out to what track you might be on or what song is playing. That is kinda up to you. I tested this out with a 2GB card. The power switch has 3 settings, TF/Off/On. If you switch it to TF it will read your SD card and play your music through the device. If you switch the device to ON then you will need to plug the supplied USB cord that has a headphone adapter on it into any device you want to funnel the music from. The volume control on the Mighty Dwarf functions in both modes but the track change will only work while reading form SD.

The audio is a little distorted during the video due to the my horrible camera. I apologize about that. It was the best I could do with what I have available. You are still easily able to tell the difference between various surfaces and just how incredible this device really is.

There really isn’t any limit to what you could hook this device up to. As long it has a headphone jack you are all set. Add in the fact that it also has a built in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery makes taking anywhere with you a breeze. I can tell you I have kept this think in my car and showed it off at stores, restaurants, tech stores and a host of other places. It is sure to make your friends jaw drop and want to borrow it.

The device comes in 6 various colors and is available from multiple retailers. The manufacturer is working on a retailer list to provide as many locations as they can for you to order one of these devices through. They were kind enough to provide me with one online location via FadZone.com. They are in Canada but do ship to the U.S. You can check out further details about this product through MightyDwarf.com. They are just about to launch the model I reviewed for you. The current model available is 26W version and requires a power source and has no memory card slot. So if what you saw here is what you are really aiming for, keep an eye out for the 5W model I was able to get  my hands on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kole-Whalen/100000180124581 Kole Whalen

    Saw this thing first hand. I am an audiophile and was Very impressed. Imagine using the Kitchen table to out-do the DJ at a party with the music you like. What fun. Awesome little toy!!

  • Diane Griffin

    in the last paragraph you say ” do shit to the U.S.”

  • Mr Frankm

    Lol. “They do shit to the U.S.” LMFAO!!!

  • http://twitter.com/GinUwiNLady Moira Washington

    very cool!

  • TJ B

    wow is the quality of sound better in person , the volume change was huge .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Perry/100002385300465 Matt Perry

    The 5 w Mighty Dwarf, that is the subject of the review, is available through many distributors in the U.S. and Canada. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of the Mighty Dwarf products please contact Matt Perry at [email protected]. Please visit our Facebook page for further product demonstration video clips of the products in action. What are you playin’?

    • Elaine

      hi, i am based in the UK would it be possible if i could be a distributor .
      i look forward to hearing from you .

  • Dan Doyle

    I am an authorized Mighty Dwarf reseller in Pennsylvania,  anyone U.S. looking to purchase a unit, and wishing to avoid duties and exchange issues can contact me at [email protected]