Yesterday we reported that the HP Touchpad has ClockworkMOD recovery and ADB access. Today we get to share some video love of CM7 booting up on the device.

There isn’t a whole lot to report yet though. The boot up works but the colors aren’t set correctly yet. The touch screen does’t function and as you can in the video, alignment for the unlock and some of the widgets is way off. It is still progress in the right direction though. Soon enough we should have full Android and CM7 running beautifully on this tablet.

Source: Engadget

  • Anonymous

    With all this news of TouchPads running Anroid I think I will pick one up for a cool $100 after all…..

    • FILA

      I knew this from the very beginning, a tablet that cheap, well speced, it was defiantly goin to be hacked for android, now that everyone has one!

  • FILA

    EXTREMELY happy for this, I cannot wait, I need this, Im not even touching my pad till I get android on it!!! Hopefully less then a month