When cellphones first started being able to play crappy quality 3gp video file formats, we were all in awe at how great this was going to be for traveling. Then technology progressed and the video quality started getting better and better. pretty soon our Android devices had better video resolution then some of our TVs did. Then came video out functionality. Talk about an amazing idea! Now I can play my favorite game on my 50″ HDTV. Not in full HD quality of course. That didn’t stop us from showing it off though. Now we are in the age of 1080p and progressing to 3D displays, glasses free even. With many of the newer devices, you can take full advantage of your HDTV via your device. It is all made possible by a simple little adapter that you can purchase from various locations. HTC makes one and a few other manufactures make some too. We were able to get our hands on Kanex’s latest accessory item for review a few days before its official launch. Lets take a look at this handy little guy.

Small packages do really contain great treasures.

On onside of the device you have a female HDMI adapter for use in connecting an HDMI cable to your TV. On the other end is the 5 pin type port micro USB plug. Set up is a breeze, plug the micro USB into your MHL supported device, such as: HTC Sensation 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Infuse 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Hercules, HTC Flyer or HTC EVO View 4G. Then plug your HDMI cable into the female port and then to your TV. You will then get instant device mirroring right on your HDTV.

On the side of the unit, there is also another female micro USB. This is intended to allow you to power your device and charge it at the same time. That way when you get sucked into a Harry Potter marathon, your phone won’t up and die on you in the middle of the second movie. This makes for a great way to transport and view movies at other people’s houses with out the need for a PC or a stack of CDs. If using your device to watch movies that you can rent or buy from HTC’s “movie” application, YouTube or via loaded video files, isn’t enough, don’t forget that this mirrors your device. This allows you to play your favorite Android games on the brig screen. This makes playing games like N.O.V.A. 2 a whole lot more fun. Especially since that game was designed to be played on an HD device, it looks beautiful mirrored. Add in your favorite racing game or just a slide show of your photo album, and there isn’t anything you can’t use this device for.


  • HDMI out female port
  • Micro USB 5 pin type port
  • MHL enabled micro USB connector
  • HD video up to 1080p at 60FPS
  • 192 kHz 7.1 Digital surround sound

I spend a good 24 hours with this unit and was very impressed with its capabilities. Set up was quick and easy with no settings to adjust or change on the Sensation. Makes me want an MHL supported device even more now, and a new TV for my bedroom so I can use it in there too.

If you are sporting any of the devices mentioned in this article, then this adapter is a must have in your arsenal in order to truly get the most out of your device. You should check it out at their website, Kanexlive. They retail for only $29.99.

I apologize for the lack of camera quality. I can personally confirm that the images do not do the Sensation nor this amazing little adapter the justice it deserves, and yes, that is Sons of Anarchy.

  • FILA

    wish myTouch 4G was able to output, instead of that wireless shit, nobody has a tv for

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  • Dan

    I use my Nexus to stream audio to my sterio via the desktop dock i bought when it first came out.  I have had wireless audio streaming for years now thanks to that little beast. Does anyone know if BT3.0 is fast enough to stream 1080p video?  what about beefing up the wireless 802.11n adaptors in phones and making a wifi->hdmi adaptor.  I get that that this also charges your phone but I must admit, I would rather have my phone tethered to a charger next to my lounge than plugged into the TV.  It feels like we just lost the age of remote controls when you have to get up to make the next video play.Plus it hurts to see all the iphone airplay adds on TV when I know that android could do it 10x better (whats the max res video that format supports?) 

    All I am saying is that MHL is great but wireless video streaming is better.  Forget propriatary formats that TV;s need to have inbuilt.  Lets bring on the age of add on gadgets that just plug into a HDMI port of the TV and do the wireless transmission for you.  (anyone want to write the functionality into boxee box?)