Have you been suffering from Netflix envy? Are you tired of installing the app only to see “Device not supported” plastered across your screen? Well, you can all start to jump up and down for joy. Netflix has released an update to their market application that gives support to ALL Android devices sporting 2.2 and 2.3.

Does this truly mean that ALL devices are supported. Not a fat chance. There are still so many device running loose in the wild that there are sure to be some that still have “special needs”. For instance, I see a plethora of comments on the market stating it still doesn’t work on the T-Mobile G2x. We are also reading reports of it becoming available in the market for the Galaxy Tab10.1 though. As with all newly released updates, there maybe issues. Be sure to leave comments on the market for Netflix and let them know what isn’t working so it can be fixed.

Anyone else out there still suffering from Netflix neglect?

P.S. Daveloft commented on AndroidPolice’s article with a nice link to the APK file if anyone needs it. Netflix 1.40 apk.  Thanks Dave for sharing.

Application: Netflix
Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Cost: FREE

  • Jeff

    I beg to differ… Works just fine on my G2x.

    • http://twitter.com/donbvonb .

      yup, same here running CM7 latest available nightly

    • Jeffre Lohmeier

      Are you running stock rom? Rooted or not? It FC’s for me every time. Running WeaponG2X 2.5 and rooted.

    • Anonymous

      Jeff may run on yours but not ours.

    • Anonymous

      Jeff may run on yours but not ours.

  • Ted Gatlin

    What about Honeycomb 3.2 users??????

  • http://www.vimeo.com Paul

    @Jeff:  No, it doesn’t.  But thanks for trying.

  • Luther Pearson

    Why the hate on G2X users!? This is getting old…

    • Melboogz

      they not hating us lg really messed up on this phone thank god for the custom roms because the lg stock rom to many bugs its probably those with the stock roms i’ll put money on it

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness I dumped my G2x for a Photon. Netflix was working on the photon from day one! The G2x still has a boatload of bugs even after the gingerbread update, I owned that phone for 2 weeks and had to do a battery pull almost daily, shame on you LG.

  • Melboogz

    yea it works on my g2x just fine eagles blood rom trinity kernel 

  • http://twitter.com/GadgetsJ james cushing

    Works fine on my G2X with CM7 😀