MIUI is easily right up there with CM7. Both of these ROMs offer heavy customization and are favorites among many developers and users a like. One of the many great things about MIUI is the ability to customize the lock screen quickly and easily. This is one thing I think CyanogenMOD lacks. For that simple reason alone I have contemplated switching to MIUI, but have yet to under go that process. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate great looking work when I see it.

Those of you that are currently running MIUI, have seen many variations of the 5 way unlock screen. Offering a quick and simple way to unlock your device to the specified app of your choice. It really helps streamline the use of your device. We have found another one that takes it a step further. SiLeNcE28 offers you a 10 way unlock screen. It looks great. Take a quick look below –

The lock screen theme has two versions available, one with DoubleTwist and Miren Browser and a version with MIUI music and stock browser. It also come in two languages, English and German.


The theme will always be a .mtz file. Some might put the .mtz file in a .rar file or a .zip file.
if it’s a .mtz file, do this:
1. copy it to this folder: /sdcard/MIUI/Themes
2. (on the phone) open Theme Manager
3. go to Edit theme
4. then Lockscreen Style
5. choose the lock screen theme you want

if it’s a .rar file or .zip file, do this:
1. extract with 7zip or winrar
2. then there should be a .mtz file that’s been extracted
3. follow the above instructions for .mtz file

You can pick up any of the theme variations through this LINK.  SiLeNcE28 has made life pretty simple and put all the version in one simple .zip file. If you are interested in get the music controls as well, visit this download LINK.

Source: XDA

  • http://newtechjp.net Benjelloun Naim

    Looks great wanna try it

  • http://newtechjp.net Benjelloun Naim

    Looks great wanna try it

    • http://androidspin.com/ Stormy Beach

      Been using it since I flashed MIUI last night. Haven’t had a chance to try out any others, not sure I even need to yet.

  • Anonymous

    I was fine with 5 points on the one I am using, but this looks nice because it has the music too.  I guess I will download the one with MIUI music and then edit it to open Miren (which is VERY similar to MIUI browser but has less random bugs and handles flash popups better).  

  • guest

    I’m just wondering how to edit the apps, whether it’s on this 10 point or the 5 point launcher…