Between Phandroid and AndroidGuys, we have a little bit of information that might disturb some of you. From the sound of it, HTC won’t be carrying on with T-Mobiles “flagship” myTouch series of devices any longer. Between an email to Phandroid stating there were new training videos available on YouTube for the “T-Mobile myTouch by LG” and a little leg work by AndroidGuys, we are looking at what might be T-Mobiles next line of myTouch devices. Ya, I said devices.

Apparently they will be having twins. One with a slide out keyboard to satisfy those of you that can’t use a screen only device and a regular screen only version. Pretty smart move overall though, it provides the best of both worlds will a single branding.

If you remember back to the leaked T-Mobile roadmap, there were two LG devices listed, the LG Maxx and LG Maxx Q. It is pretty plausible that these might be those devices. It doesn’t take a genius to speculate that this would mean that T-Mobile has moved from HTC to LG for the next line of devices in their myTouch series. The question that remains unanswered is why?

Another interesting bit of speculation comes from potential specs of the device, according to Androidguys. They put this device on a midrange collision course with a brick wall. They suggest that this device will have 3.5″ HVGA display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, an 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 5.0-megapixel camera.

I am not very confident in those specs being accurate though. it wouldn’t make much sense to introduce a new line of what should be a high-end device sporting the myTouch branding with mid range hardware. It would be a step backwards.

How do you guys feel about this? Any speculation on why they would move from HTC to LG for the next device? LG doesn’t seem to have the best reputation for devices yet.

Source: Phandroid & AndroidGuys

  • Supergear

    Crappy devices compared to the mytouch 4g slide

  • Manny

    LG tends to screw the series they adopt. It screwed t-mob’s G-series with the G2x, which is known for random reboots and freezes. And now its gonna put its hand in the myTouch series which has always been great when coming from HTC. LG is the wanna be sibling of HTC, by stepping in on HTC’s brands. Its a shame.

    • Stormy Beach

       I agree. It is sad to see what started out as a great device line that only got better with age headed to a new manufacturer that hasn’t had the best of luck yet. Who knows, maybe they will surprise us. Samsung did after their first couple HORRIBLE Android devices when they brought out the SGS. 

    • droidmage

      I agree except you can really say their stepping on HTC’s brands as “G” and “my Touch are not HTC brands they are t-mobile brands. And as such t-mobile can do as they please with them.

  • Simon N. Walker

    This seriously may be about the last straw for me and T-Mobile. What are they doing!!

  • FILA

    i got both the 3G and 4G of mytouch, so i guess the 4G will be my last, defiantly not goin with LG, but that Ruby does look good, which i swore was gonna be the next mytouch, guess not. even had the same ear piece as the 4G, damn. but T-mobile is pissing me off more and more cuz they have the attitude there gettin bought out, but if they dont, jesus there gonna have alot of work to get the network back and running, or just find another buyer most likely. The data is constantly jumping, reception drops on perfect days in perfect areas, etc. F them, but seriously, who the hell else is there to go to, everything sucks.