When I am looking for MIUI themes or certain elements of a theme, there are a few things I personally look for. The first being uniqueness. I am a sucker for a theme that is different that I haven’t seen something similar to yet. The second is functionality. Various lock screens can provide you with various access to your device. We have shown you a a 10 way unlock and 3 way unlock so far. Both offer a unique style and functionality that caters to certain types of users. What if you just want a simple unlock screen that does nothing more than unlock your device? There are plenty of lockscreens out there that do just that. Mods by bLux is one such set of customized lockscreens you can quickly and easily add to your device.

Blux is a member of the MIUI.us forums. He has created 6 various types of lockscreen themes for you to choose from, or you can snag them all. These may be slightly older, since they were released in August, but they are still very much useable and awesome. Each one of the 6 lockscreen themes offers something unique. The most important aspect of each one is how simple and clean they are. Blux didn’t add a bunch of onscreen information, crazy graphics or intense options. I think they are perfect for anyone that really loves a clean look and needs nothing more than a way to unlock their device.

I’m pretty new to MIUI and themes in general. I’m very picky with my setups and change them often. I figured I’d share my mods with everyone else that wants them, although they are geared more towards those that like simple, minimalistic lockscreens. Most of these(for now) are based off of the Eclectic lockscreen, which all credit goes to. I left the original creators names in the description and added “mod by blux.” Along with the Eclectic mods, there are two that I created myself. All the links are under the pictures, including a link to download all of the Eclectic mods. I hope you enjoy!

You saw 4 of the six lockscreens available above in the header image, take a look at the final two he has to offer us.

I personally really like the ‘Invisible’ one best of all. You can find download links to each variations below. Be sure to check with bLux’s thread every so often for future updates and more information.

Eclectic- Clock Only
Eclectic- No Clock
Eclectic Clock with Transparent Bars
Transparent Eclectic
All Eclectic

Typoclock without Status Bar

In case you are new to the whole MIUI theme scene. Simply download the .mtz file for which ever lockscreen you are after. Then move that file to /MIUI/Themes. After you have moved the file, open the ‘Themes’ app. In this case you would want to navigate to ‘Customize’ at the bottom, then ‘Lockscreen’. Find the lockscreen theme you just added and apply it. Pretty simple stuff really.

Don’t forget. You can also find all the MIUI themes we have shared via the Customize tab then Themes.

Source: MIUI.US


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  • Frank

    How do you unlock the Clock Only lockscreen? I cant use my phone? I cant get it to unlock. Droid x