It has been a long time since I searched around the market for any wallpaper applications. I was always generally disappointed in the available content and quality of the wallpapers. Many of the apps that I found previously also only offered a few hundred at most. The other complication I had was using any of the categories or search options. I could never seem to find anything that caught my eye enough to download or apply anything that was available. Ultimately I would end up uninstalling the app and getting wallpapers from other sources.

With our devices resolutions increasing to crystal clear quality, I knew there had to be some application out there that would help make find, getting and using high-quality wallpapers a little easier. During I search I came across an app called ‘PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 50,000+’. I was skeptical at first since access to 50,000 HD wallpapers seemed a bit insane. I went ahead and installed it to give it a whirl and see what could be found.

The application breaks all the various wallpapers into categories, 24 in total. The first category that I noticed was the ‘All Categories’ label, it contained all the wallpapers that are available, 110,670. I think they need to change their apps name. Over 100,000 HD wallpapers? That’s insane. You will find other categories that should cover just about every thing you might interested in like, Cars, Animals, Colors, Abstract, Nature Female and Male celebrities and so on. Most of the larger topic categories also have sub subcategories located inside. For instance, in the Female Celebrity category you will find a list of actresses in alphabetical order so you can find your favorite starlet, along with the number of images that are available. Same thing can be found in Gaming, a nice list of specific game images in alphabetical order along with the number of images available.


Once you narrow down what you are after a very nice, and quick loading, gallery of thumbnail images will pop up on your screen, You can tap on the one you want to see. From there you can share the image via any means you like, Dropbox, Gmail, Twitter Picasa, MMS, ect. You can tap the heart on the top right to mark it as one of your favorites. On the bottom of the wallpaper you can choose to ‘set as wallpaper’ or ‘save’. If you choose to save it, it will automatically download and save the image to your devices memory card in a folder called ‘My Wallpapers’. While in the preview mode you can also use the arrow keys at the bottom to look at the next image or the previous one.

The application is ad-supported and you find a small ad located at the very bottom of each page. It doesn’t get in the way or obstruct your use of the application in any way. I have yet to run into any major issues. I was able to view a multitude of categories and have download approximately 100 wallpapers in the last 2 day. There was one instance where some of the images in the app wouldn’t load the thumbnails. I only ran into that issue once and it was only about 15 images out of 315. By hitting back and then reloading the category they popped right up. Nothing major.


I highly recommend that anyone that is the market for a great time waster of the best collection of HD wallpapers out picks this application up. There is absolutely no way you won’t find a few different wallpapers that you just can’t live with out. Feel free to pick it up below and let us know what you think of it.

Application: PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 50,000+
Developer: srsdev
Cost: FREE


  • Anonymous

    Looks great & would love to try, but why does a wallpaper app need “PHONE CALLS” permission/”read phone state & identity”????? Any ideas, bc never had a WP app like ZEDGE need that permission

  • Mixster

    Continually can’t post as it “runs out of memory” on my android tab

  • Denise

    Hey guys, you might want to check out bitmado. It’s free, has a large collection of HD wallpapers, you can vote/rate on your favorite wallpapers, and get automatically changing wallpapers.