It would appear that T-Mobile is ramping up to get everyone excited for their latest en devour for their flagship devices, the myTouch series. We already knew the device was coming and that T-Mobile switched over from HTC to LG to bring their next model to the public. Never before have we seen a carrier ‘leak’ so much about a device though. The device still hasn’t been officially announced by T-Mobile, but they are already building up the product pages on their site.

They are dropping two versions of the myTouch this go around in an attempt to please both genres of users. Both devices have identical specs, near as we can tell at this point. They sport a 1Ghz processor, a 5 MP camera but lacks info on a front facing camera. Boasting 4G speeds and DLNA support rounds out what we can learn from the product page.

The myTouch Black will be 4.82 X 2.5 X 0.4 inches and weigh in at 3.8 ounces. It is only packing a 1500mAh battery but specs state a full 9 hours of talk time. You can easily see the standard incorporation of the Genius button located directly on the dock instead of a dedicated hardware button. It appears that it also has a front facing camera just to the left of the speaker, but we aren’t sure.

The myTouch Q is the second version that will be launching. The Q has quite a different look. This ones primary feature will be the slide out keyboard. You can also see many other differences in this one. For instance, the Genius button is back to being a hardware key on the bottom right of the device. The keyboard appears to slide from left to right. the keys look to be rubberized and slightly spaced for easier typing. You can also see a flash located on the rear of the device, which the myTouch Black seems to be lacking. Size wise you are looking at 4.76″ X 0.51″ X 2.5″ inches and weighing in at 5.64 ounces. This device is also packing in a 1500 mAh battery, but I am a bit scared with the battery life. Unless someone made a typo, this device is not looking so hot. According to the specs it will have a talk time of up to 3.3 hours! OUCH. That is painful to read. I hope, for T-Mobiles sake, that this is incorrect. Again no mention of a front facing camera. We can see some small holes in the top right corner of the device, but those might be the light sensors.

Out of the two devices, the myTouch Black seems to be the better choice unless you are die hard keyboard fan. I personally expected a lot more from a flagship device then what is listed. The HTC Amaze and Samsung Galaxy S II easily have both these devices beat. If those battery specs for the Q are correct, I would’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

myTouch – Black

myTouch Q – Gray

Source: TmoNews

Update- It looks like T-Mobile made an error and none of that information was actually supposed to hit the website at all today. It took them long enough to catch it though. Things like this make me wonder just how much of an ‘error’ it really was.