OK, I know this morning has been all about leaks from the Nexus Prime. I can’t help it. Everyone wants this stuff and if I missed it over the weekend then I am sure at least a few of you might have too. On Friday we caught wind of the new boot animation being displayed on a Droid Bionic. Of course the first thing we all thought was, “Where the heck is it, I want that!” After a little bit of waiting, it has finally been released for all you boot animation junkies to install and use.

Thankfully for us, P3Droid, the one that demoed it for the world in the first place, has released the file for your enjoyment. He has only tested it on a few Motorola devices, but should work on just about any device out there. You will want to snag the file and drop it onto your SD card first, then proceed to flash it through your recovery. You would want to make a backup before you attempt this to prevent data loss if a bootloop occurs.

If flashing it doesn’t work out for you, you can attempt to install it via ADB or root explorer.

extract bootanimation.zip from /data
then using adb type adb push bootanimation /data/local

No matter how you get it up and running, there is a pretty good chance that all your friends will be pretty jealous of you.

Download – Nexus Prime Boot Animation


Source: My Droid World via AndroidPolice

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