If you are an app developer then you know how hard the ‘Maze’ is when trying to get your app noticed. There are hundreds of sites like our out there that do our best to show your work to a broad audience. I am willing to bet that it helps out, but that you all would love more exposure, right? Now is a pretty darn good chance to get noticed, have a little fun and help support the sites that help support you.

We are part of a multi-site contest promoted by appbackr Xchange. Their goal is to help app developers get their apps noticed. Not just noticed, but easily and effectively distributed across all available app stores that Android has access too. Saves you a ton of time and app management.

How it works

  • Xchange analyzes your app and pushes it to the most relevant stores that generate the highest amount of sales.
  • Through partnerships with 100s of app stores and appbackr’s proprietary analytics system Xchange finds the right place for your app.
  • This is the place to get additional distribution for your app – effortlessly. Break the MazeSM of distribution with appbackr Xchange.

In the case of Android, they have locked down partnerships with 50 app stores from around the world. Getting your app in places like GetJar, Amazon, LG App Store, Toshiba App Store, Lenovo and many more. How does that sound to you devs out there? There is nothing wrong with getting your app into the hands of more users that are willing to pay you for it.

The service that AppBackr is offering is pretty unique and very specialized. You can go sign up now to get an early invite to their services by visiting appbackr.com/xchange. Be sure you use the invite code ANDROIDSPIN when registering.

OK, so now you know a little bit about what they do, how about this contest that is starting right now. We have partnered up with AppBackr Xchange along with 4 other sites to make this a great collaboration of sites to help you all out. The image above shows you the T-Shirts that they have design. Coincidentally, the maze you see is what you are looking for. There are five pieces of the maze scattered around the participating sites, list to follow. You goal is to search through all five sites, find each piece of the maze and reassemble it. Once you have done that you will send it in. Sounds pretty simple right? Don’t worry, we won’t make it to hard to find on our site, but some searching will be required.

So, find the pieces, rebuild the maze email it in. Sounds great, what do we get –

1st: will be the very first person to have to chance to submit his app to appbackr Xchange; will be named as the competiton winner on all participating sites including a short description of his app; will get an appbackr Xchange ‘Break the Maze’ t-shirt

– 2n to 5th: will get an appbackr Xchange ‘Break the Maze’ t-shirt

If you are the lucky winner of the competition, you get some awesome coverage by five Android sites and your app marketed to the right people in the right app stores. Not to bad of a prize is it? If you think small scale like I do, then you under stand that if you get 10% more app purchases that is a grip of money in your pocket. Below you will find all the information that you need to start searching on our site and links to all the participating sites, making it a little easier to get started.

Locations of the other four pieces will be some where on the following site –


Once you find all the pieces you will want to submit them to: xchange at appbackr dot com, yes it is encrypted for a reason. You better hurry though, competition will be stiff and this opportunity will be over at the end of business on Monday.

AppBackr Xchange info:

Twitter – @Xchange
Hashtag – #Xchange
Facebook – AppBackr

The only thing left to do, is offer up a hint. We have total freedom to hide our piece of the maze anywhere we would like. It could be in the forums, in a post or in an ad. Where oh were should I hide it. ‘Beats’ the heck out of me..

Good luck guys!