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The use of cell cameras with any sort of functional application started out rather slow. It wasn’t until the last few years that camera technology coupled with applications have we seen our little pocket pal become almost a necessity. Not only for capturing those once in a life time moments, but also for providing us great quality and edit options. We have seen apps land in the market that let us remove red-eye, swirl our photos and even offer panoramic views that our phone didn’t allow us to do at first.

Now with Live Photo Effects, you can even bring your photos to life and share them across your favorite social media outlet. With this application you can apply various effects that bring your photo to life. You can add water ripple and reflection to make it look like a lake was in front of your photo. You can turn your photo into a waving flag or even add a fire effect to really light things up.

It is definitely a unique way to spruce up some of the photos in your gallery and give you something new to play around with. The free version, which you can find below, gives you a look at the application and lets you play around. If you really like it though, I’d suggest the premium version. That is the one that will allow you to share those creations with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Samples of effects can be found at cmc-apps, check em out.

Application: Live Photo Effects (Trial)
Developer: CodeMyCode
Cost: FREE

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