It sure took them long enough to root this one didn’t it? Seems like most devices are getting the root treatment before they even launch anymore. At least the Droid Razr got it on launch day, so you can rest easy if you were holding off on the purchase. The method isn’t the same as in the previous Motorola devices but it is just as easy. It is still a simple one click root that nearly anyone can do with little knowledge of what they are doing. Although I appreciate it, since I am not all that technical myself, I sometimes wonder if it should be that easy for some people.

Any who, if you already have your RAZR and are ready to root that bad boy head on over to the Droid Forums for all your downloads and full instruction to proceed. Those of you waiting to snag one up, better book mark that page to save you the headache of searching later. Oh, minor note, this method is currently only available for Windows based PC’s.

Source: Droid-Forums via Phandroid


  • Rogerchain

    Sweet. Time to root my Razr. Umm.. That actually sounds a little strange.


    • Razr Root

      As with any android phone, it isn’t much without root (imho). I’m glad this phone is still going strong and we have great developers like @djrbliss that can find these exploits.