I vaguely remember Google having a way with hiding some little oddity in ever build of Android. They were never anything major of course, just more about a hidden image of some kind that could could be activated or located in various manners. This one was located on an international version of the Galaxy Nexus and shows off the cool looking 8bit Andy with an Ice Cream Sandwich. Hold the picture and he gets larger and then an onslaught of them start flying across your screen. It’s neat. It looks like it can be located under ‘About Phone’ and then tapping on a certain bit of info. I can’t really tell since it is a bit blurry at first and in another language. Check out the video below to see it in action and a few screens of the device in action as well.

Update – Thanks to a tipster on our twitter, we were made aware that tapping on the Android Version is what pulls this little guy up.

Via YouTube