When we first caught wind of Shadowgun for Android, our jaws dropped. The graphics were unbelievable and the game play reminded us all of Gears of War and Army of One. I am personally a huge fan of FPS’s games. When I found out that this title was only available for Tegra 2 powered devices, I got sad and a little mad at the same time. I am pleased to let you guys know though, the Tegra 2 requirement has just been lifted. Much like Sprinkle did yesterday.

According to games changelog the game is now supported on Adreno and PowerVR GPU’s –

What’s in this version:

  1. Tegra 2 users who are happy with 1.0.2 version do not need to update. This version adds support for more android devices.
  2. If you have problems (pink meshes, no weapon, etc) with 1.0.3 update, please restart device.
  3. ☣ Added support for Adreno and PowerVR devices
  4. ☣ Fixed problems with downloading large files when wifi conection was slow
  5. ☣ Improved support for some gamepads (not all are fully supported though)
  6. ☣ Xperia Play optimized
  7. ☣ Fixed single play levels lockup when you finish the game

If you only took a small look at this game, check out Mark’s preview of it again to see  what you might be getting yourself into. I immediately went in and purchased the app via the market for my Samsung Vibrant, just to see if it would work. After installing the game and downloading the extra game packs, it launched. I skipped through the open sequence to get straight to the game play, but it crashed. Talk about a disappointment. Knowing that I only had 15 minutes to decided to keep the game or get the refund button pushed, I loaded it again. This time letting the open previews and story line play. Needless to say it worked and I started playing the first level with ease.

The guys over at AndroidGuys were able to get it up and running on the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and even the HP TouchPad running CyanogenMOD. If you have been itching to get your hands on this game, now is your chance. I am certain that many of the Tegra only games that we have all been lusting for will start appear in the market for mire devices. Game manufacturers know that with so many devices available, catering to a broader audience will only increase their profits. Click or scan the QR code below to go directly to the game in the market and pick it up!

Application: Shadowgun
Developer: MADFINGER Games, a.s.
Cost: $4.99

  • Jay

    Great info but I encountered problem with my android device when playing Shadowgun after showing the intro, it only displays black screen but I can move forward or even shoot and hear the gunshots but I can’t see anything. Do you have any idea what’s the problem? I am really excited to play this game. I hope you’ll gonna help me with this.

  • harry

    me 2 got same problem