If you are like many others out there, then you are looking to get as much ICS on your device as you can. We have shown you guys some amazing looking themes and even a dialer port for the Epic 4G Touch. Most of us already have our hands on a few of the apps that were leaked out a while back. It looks like another little goody has now been made available for the masses.

The guys over at OMGDroid located a reddit post by AstronautMillionaire linking directly to a set of download links. They take you to a location to download the Android 4.0 keyboard. Although the keyboard isn’t all that fancy, it is a pretty great improvement over the current stock Android keyboard. Offering up some great multi-touch support improved auto correct and prediction. We can confirm it working on a T-Mobile G2, HTC myTouch 4G and T-Mobile Vibrant. Yes, almost all of us are on T-Mobile.

If you are itching to get your hands on yet another element of ICS, snag the file below and give it an install. Let us know what you think of it.

Download – ICS Keyboard

Source: OMG!Droid


  • Ocl09

    Hmm.. Looks like the prediction engine is built into another part of ICS. IIRC the new keyboard only shows 3 suggestions.

  • Ceasernem

    Working on Motorola Atrix!

  • Anthony Chastain

    Works on my Inspire 4G running CM7 nightly #260. However, no matter what I do with the ICS keyboard settings I can’t seem to get the mic button to show up on the keyboard. Is this an actual ICS kang or just something some dev threw together that looks like the real thing?

  • William Davis203

    Works on the HTC Vivid

  • http://twitter.com/halr9000 Hal Rottenberg

    Why use anything but Swype? I only say that half-tongue-in-cheek. I’d like some serious comparisons. I can’t stand stock, non-swiping keyboards.