Although other parts of the world may already have their grubby little hands on the Galaxy Nexus, us here in the states are still waiting. Along with our anticipation of the device we are also watching to see which manufacturers will come through and bring the treat to their devices. As luck would have it, LG just announced via their Facebook page four devices that will receive the update – Optimus 3D, Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus LTE.

The buck doesn’t stop there though. LG is still evaluating other devices in their line up so they can bring more ICS to more devices. They plan to keep their Facebook page updated with devices list and also plan to release an update schedule sometime in December.

Anyone else ready for Ice Cream Sandwich on their LG device?

Source: LG Facebook

  • Erick Toussaint

    That’s such a good news for me and my beloved Vibrant! Gonna try it right away!