Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC myTouch 4G

The HTC myTouch 4G now has a “stable” Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, thanks to the hard work of febycv and a few other good folks from XDA. I used quotations for the word stable because there are still two pretty important features that need to be fixed before I can personally consider this a daily driver.

As of today, Creamed Glacier was the name officially given to this ROM that I’ve been keeping tabs on for the past few days. The build is in its third beta stage and brings a ton of stability, speed and responsiveness to the Android 4.0 excursion for the good ol’ myTouch.

If you’re already familiar with the build, you’ll be glad to know that the annoying red border issue has been taken care of, and hardware acceleration is running smoothly. The WiFi button is turning on, but unfortunately the hardware isn’t being recognized by the OS, so there’s no connectivity on that front. The camera app has been added as well, but it doesn’t do anything yet because the app can’t connect to the camera.

At any rate, this project has amazed so far, and the developer has been quick to push out updates. If things keep moving this quickly, we’ll have ICS before Christmas, which would make me one happy camper. myTouch 4G owners, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re ready to give this a spin, which I’m about to do now, head on over to fevycv’s ROM thread for a file download and instructions. Don’t forget to make a backup first.

Happy Flashing!

Source: XDA

  • toebee97

    About the same progress has been made on the DesireHD/Inspire4G port, just Camera and usb-to-pc left for them to fix and it will be my daily driver.

  • Simon Walker

    I’m so ready for ICS. Can’t wait for this to be stable and fully functional.

    • Tony Simons

      I’m with you there, sir!

  • FILA

    last christmas i was gettin Gingerbread on my MT4G, I guess this year I might flash ICS!!

  • Jay Buick

    Updated to 5.1 today and it is smoother. Still no camera, mms is hit and miss, and hardware acceleration is not merged yet. Smoothest version so far and the rom is becoming more stable every update. Febycv is doing some great work.

    • Tony Simons

      Thanks for the heads up, Jay. I updated as well. IMHO, all we really need is camera and this ROM will be butter! Febycv is definitely on his game with this one.

  • Sagar K

    I am a die hard android person, but I am hesitant to upgrade to ICS. All I see on other sight is how much work still needs to be done on it. But I also heard the updates are almost daily and are really helping. I definitively want to “go cream”, but only if its almost a whole functioning ROM. I am currently using Royal Ginger and its working flawlessly, I dont want to switch to a rom that still needs alot of work. If you guys dont mind, can you tell me which features still need to be fixed so i can decide if the time is right to upgrade? Thanks

    • Jay Buick


      The main components not working are camera and hardware acceleration. The major issues is no source for the kernel and that means building kernel from start. It will happen, just will take a team effort. I have been using for the last 10 or so days and besides some minor FC’s, it is pretty smooth.

      The interface is to my liking, but the full benefits of experiencing ICS is some time from now.

      Hope this helps.

  • George H

    So its a great rom … Apart from the usb tethering and the camera its well synthesised.. Great interface but the lagging is un bearable

    • Androider

      Just wondering if the ICS rom got the camera feature working yet? and If it does can someone tell me where they got their rom from

  • Abokyi

    Unfortunate, wifi doesn’t work. Network Scanning feature not working, yet very nice and fast. When are bugs gonna be fixed?