It is not all that often that Canada beats us to the punch for a new device. It happens only on rare occasions. Lucky for them, today Bell and Virgin launched the Galaxy Nexus for our friends to the north. The phone is priced at $159 for a three-year contract or can be purchased out right for $649.99. Even though I wouldn’t be all that excited about doing a 3 year contract, that extra year lands them with the device at half what Verizon is said to be selling it.

I would go snag one if I lived up there. Mostly just to send pictures of me using to all my Verizon friends who are still waiting on it. Yes, I am that guy.

Source: MobileSyrup

  • Matthew

    When will it be released into the USA for virgin mobile

    • Stormy Beach

      No word on that yet. May never be, but anything is possible.