If you’re among the masses who recently flocked to Verizon to get your hands on the Motorola DROID RAZR, this news is for you.Well-know Android developer, DroidTh3ory,  has been working on an Ice Cream Sandwich port for the device, and has successfully managed to get the latest flavor of Android to boot on Verizon’s latest smartphone.

The ROM is not yet available for public consumption, because there are still a number of issues that need to be worked out. It looks like the touchscreen sensors need a bit of attention, though the physical buttons work properly. I’m sure there are a bunch of other bugs that need to be squashed as well before you’ll see DroidTh3ory post anything publicly. There may be a bunch of things that need to be worked out yet, but it’s still awesome to see that the RAZR will most likely get an unofficial version of Android 4.0 before Big Red can officially push one out.

Check out the 1:10 video below for a look at ICS booting on the RAZR:

If you’d like to keep tabs on the project, make sure to stop by DroidTh30ry’s thread on DroidRzr.

  • skye

    They should make an app for that! It be kool to control my G-nex thay way!!!
    Who agrees?