First Look At CM9’s Ice Cream Sandwich Lock Screen. They Want Your Feedback


Christmas come early yet again from our boys over at Cyanogen. First they showed us screenshots of their new launcher named “Trebuchet” for CM9, now they are giving us a quick look of what the lock screen could look like. The same guy who created the rings/bubbles for CM7 is hard at work again here, with his version of the Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen we have fallen in love with.

It is looking pretty sexy if you ask me. He is definitely capturing the ICS lock screen with a Cyanogen twist, and I just cannot wait for it to get here. He also wants feedback from all of us. Head over their Google plus page and leave a comment on what you think of the progress so far.

CyanogenMod’s Google Plus Page

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  • AciD_LingK

    That looks great especially “Ring.” Hopefuly we can choose the app shortcuts. But yeah very nice. Time to open up the code.

  • Steve Heinrich

    With ICS being awesome there are few things that need modification. But after trying out the Alpha release I definitely think that the lockscreen could have used some more options. I think CM has hit it on the head with these options.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Can’t wait!

    Pic 1: I wonder if they can put the short cuts on the same ring as unlock.. or have an option to choose between the two.. what what is the shortcut to with the Droid on a skateboard?

    Pic 3: I like the two rings side by side option, but looking at the ‘lock’ ring, once pressed I only see camera and sound icons.. how do you unlock it?

    Lockscreen: Can’t wait for the battery always shown underneath the Time option like in CM7.. Also, why another camera shortcut? lol.. should replace it with a browser.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Didn’t mean to write ‘what’ twice, lol.. I meant to write “Where does the Droid on a skateboard shortcut take you.” Pic 5.

  • TheJimFish

    Looks great…. I can’t wait… Alpha 2.1 is such a tease.

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